This site is for all fans of hockey, but particularly fans of the Winnipeg Jets, or the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I am a Winnipegger with fond memories of the Jets.  I am thrilled about their return and intend to be a season ticket holder as soon as possible.  However, I have invested far too much into the underdog Maple Leafs to abandon them now.  No matter what team you cheer for, you’ll find news, frequent updates from around the league, and all the latest rumors and speculation.

Under the Jets tab you can get acquainted with the new team.  Things have changed substantially since the days of Teemu Selanne, Alexei Zhamnov and Keith Tkatchuk, but many Winnipeggers will be surprised to discover this team has a lot of promise, and some very high end prospects.  You’ll also find lots of Jets-specific news related to all levels of the organization – players, coaches, management; everything you ever wanted to know.

Under the Maple Leafs tab, you’ll find much the same kind of information, only pertaining to the Blue and White.  Whether you need your latest rumor fix, want to look at potential free agent signings, or just talk about the Leafs, you’ll find something you like in this section.  Don’t be afraid to leave comments.

The News and Rumors tabs speak for themselves.  In the News section, you’ll find tidbits from around the league.  This is so that this blog can be your one-stop-shop for all hockey related info.  Under Rumors you’ll find articles about various teams, sourcing several different voices from around the web.  This tab lends itself to lots of interesting speculation.  Enjoy the rumors, but be sure to take them with a grain of salt.

The Opinion section provides an interesting opportunity.  Have you ever wanted to blog, or ramble about some issue in hockey, but were not so interested that you wanted to start your own blog?  Submit your rants to me at mcameron@Hockey-nerd.com, and I will publish them under this tab.  Controversy is welcome in this section.

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