Trade Winds: Jeff Carter

February 6, 2012

No Trade Clause No More...

Jeff Carter has been the hottest topic of conversation in the NHL the last few weeks.  The speculation surrounding Columbus is that General Manager Scott Howson is very much open to making enormous and sweeping changes in the organization.  It sounds like he would like to retain his long time captain, Rick Nash, but he did not sugar coat the reality that Jeff Carter is available for a trade.

I don’t think it’s really necessary to talk about the reasons that Carter may be available.  They are pretty obvious at this point.  The Jackets are dead last by a country mile and their organization is veering dangerously close to being an embarassment.  With a massive payroll not living up to expectations, changes must be made. Read the rest of this entry »


A Monster Trade?

November 25, 2011

Rumors are swirling that if Jonas Gustavsson continues his strong play, he could be traded when James Reimer is ready to return to the net later next week.  However, ‘Monster’ has been providing solid netminding for the last few games.  In the last two, the Leafs managed to outscore their opposition by a total of 14-2.  Even with Reimer in the net, Leaf fans are not accustomed to blow out wins and top notch save percentages – and certainly not both in the same game.  So if there is interest in Jonas Gustavsson, the return would probably have to be fairly substantial for Burke to be willing to toss away what looks like a very nice insurance policy.

That said, I doubt there are any managers out there willing to deal a lottery pick for a hot-and-cold goaltender like Gustavsson.  Burke was a little late to the party if he wanted Greg Sherman to bite on that kind of deal.  Still, a good prospect or a high pick (2nd rounder) might be enough to entice the Leafs GM. Read the rest of this entry »

Doughty Ransom Paid

September 30, 2011

Doughty Hold Out Ends With A Pay Day

It was a little touch and go there for a while, but the Kings have finally locked up their star.  They’ve made Doughty the highest paid player on their roster, which is exactly what GM Dean Lombardi wanted to avoid.  The two sides were really bickering over a very symbolic 200K per year.  That extra money means Doughty is the franchise player, and top center Anze Kopitar is just a notch below.  The team wanted to give Doughty an annual salary of 6.8 million dollars, and he eventually settled on an 8-year deal that will pay him 56 million dollars, and an annual salary of 7 million. Read the rest of this entry »

Prediction Time: Pacific Division, Pt. 1

September 24, 2011

He's Back For One More Year...

Teemu Selanne was not about to miss his chance at reliving his glory days.  After all, it was in Winnipeg where Selanne set one of the must remarkable NHL records in history.  Sure, Gretzky has pretty much everything else locked down, but it is highly unlikely that another player will ever score 76 goals in his rookie campaign.  Selanne shattered the previous record of 52, held by Mike Bossy, and forever became a part of the fabric of hockey in Winnipeg.  He is universally beloved in the Peg, and I would expect his ovation on December 16th inside the MTS Center, will be rivaled only by the home-opener.  The Finnish Flash is back, and that should have an enormous impact on the Pacific Division.

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Odds on Richards: Part Two

June 16, 2011

In The Hunt

Montreal Canadiens (10%)

 What a dagger in the heart of Leaf’s Nation it would be if Brad Richards decided to sign with the slightly off-the-board selection Montreal Canadiens.  When the Habs were eliminated from the playoffs this year, there was rumors and discussion about the possibility of the team buying out the contract Scott Gomez.  His underwhelming play has dragged on for two seasons now, and while he had some heartfelt things to say about wanting to get back to a high standard on the ice, management may have already lost their patience.  Whether Gomez is on the roster or not though, the Habs have the cap space to chase a big name like Brad Richards.  They have among the fewest players in the league signed for next season, and some have speculated that it is because of the design of GM Pierre Gauthier.  On the surface, the Habs appear closer to a championship than some of the other options out there.  That said, the thought of Richards wearing the bleu, blanc et rouge is too painful to think about.  Suffice to say there is a decent chance he lands there.  Read the rest of this entry »

Offseason Game Plan: Los Angeles Kings

May 30, 2011



                For years we’ve been hearing about how the Los Angeles Kings are doing things the right way, and building through the draft.  So far, we haven’t seen much of that translate to the on-ice product.  They finally cracked the playoffs last year, but were quickly ousted by a much better Vancouver team.  This year, things were looking more positive for the Kings rolling into March, but then Anze Kopitar broke his ankle just before the post-season could get underway.  The injury crippled the team as much as it did Kopitar.  Without their top center, the Kings gave a valiant effort, but ultimately lacked the punch necessary to defeat the San Jose Sharks.  Watching that series you got the sense that the Kings through everything they had at the Sharks, and it just wasn’t enough.  Still, the work ethic is a good sign of things to come.  The Kings will look to work talented rookie Brayden Schenn into next year’s roster, and also replace depth players like Alexei Ponikarovsky with better fits for the team.  Many experts suggest the Kings will once again try to be big players in free agency.  You have to wonder though, at what point will people realize that Dean Lombardi just is not going to get land the big fish that way.  He has failed in three consecutive years, and his priority right now is getting Drew Doughty locked up long term.  Regardless, the future looks good for the Kings. Read the rest of this entry »