Rumor of the Day: Chicago/Toronto Preparing Deal

February 9, 2012

He certainly has the look of a 'Brian Burke Player....'

With today’s earlier post about Mike Komisarek and the possibility of him being  more moveable than perhaps some fans and media imagine, it seems like a good time to mention this rumor making its way around the internet.  Granted, it is just an internet rumor and could be (and likely is) completely untrue – but there is nothing wrong with generating a little discussion.  The pieces of this deal have all popped up in the trade conversation before, and for that reason, something like this actually makes a little more sense than your standard rumor.  Normally this kind of chatter always has star players headed to big markets, but this one is a little more modest. Read the rest of this entry »


Trade Winds: Mike Komisarek

February 9, 2012

Could there be interest in Mike Komisarek?

A lot of hockey fans would scoff if you told them that Mike Komisarek was a name worth talking about at the trade deadline. After all, Komisarek hasn’t really been himself since he left Montreal and the media has worked very hard to make that readily apparent. Playing alongside Andrei Markov, inside a tight-trapping, defense-first system, Komisarek was once a defensive juggernaut – considered to be worthy of donning the ‘C’ in the post-Koivu era. In Toronto however, injuries and a fast-paced system that doesn’t play to his strengths in the least, have slowly eroded his reputation. Read the rest of this entry »

Trade Winds: Ryan Suter

February 4, 2012

He has probably been the most talked about potential trade commodity all year.  Fans from all over the league are salivating at the idea of adding him to their blue line.  They have convinced themselves that Nashville cannot afford to have Pekka Rinne under contract at 7 million dollars per year, and also fit their captain Shea Weber and his side-kick Ryan Suter into their budget.  On the one hand, this is a completely justified stance to take – Nashville is a budget team and they likely don’t have the cash to make those contracts work.  On the other hand, a lengthy playoff run might provide the kind of revenue necessary to make the dollars and cents add up in their favor. Read the rest of this entry »

Maurice Fired, Problems Remain

December 7, 2011

Time For A Change...?

Paul Maurice getting fired got pushed to the backburner during the coaching-firing-spree that took place last week.  With the higher profile Bruce Boudreau getting axed as well, Maurice was a bit of an after thought.  In truth, neither firing was truly shocking.  Both teams were struggling, and both coaches had been identified as potential hot seat candidates.  However, because the expectations on Boudreau were greater, and his relationship with league superstar Alexander Ovechkin was growing increasingly strained, his was the more interesting story.

A coaching change might light a fire under ‘The Great 8’.  He might reverse his subpar season and start lighting the lamp like crazy again under the tutelage of Dale Hunter.  No one is going to think George McPhee is a genious if the situation unfolds that way.  It hasn’t to date, but it may yet.  At the end of the day though, Hunter is working with top notch talent.  His job is to come in and be a new voice.  All he has to do is make great players play well.  While the final results expected are extraordinary – nothing less than the Stanley Cup -the immediate task at hand is not a difficult one. Read the rest of this entry »

Jets Claim Brett MacLean

October 6, 2011

The Winnipeg Jets have made their first waiver claim just hours before the opening ceremonies kick off at the Forks.  This should add a little more excitement to what is already sure to be an intense weekend in the Peg.

While Brett MacLean is hardly a star caliber acquisition, he does have a lengthy track record of success and a fairly high ceiling at the NHL level.  Selected 32nd overall in the 2007 Entry Draft, MacLean is yet another prospect who has little to no interest in playing with the Coyotes.  The Coyotes’ other top pick, Kyle Turris, is currently holding out for more money as well, and many believe it is because he simply wants out of the desert. Read the rest of this entry »

Prediction Time: North East, Pt.1

October 6, 2011

The Bruins Will Look to Defend Their Championship

The North East is probably the most covered and media scrutinized division in all of hockey.  With three Original Six teams, the rivalries here go deep.  The Habs and Bruins are currently the most important of them, since they have met in the playoffs several times of late, and their encounters have been nothing short of epic.  Chara, with his dominating size, towers over the diminuitive Canadiens – but (and it pains me to say this as a Leaf fan) the Habs have played their part in the classic David vs. Goliath rivalry well, and made their fans proud.  This year, the Maple Leafs look to jump back into the rivalry conversation.  They hope to continue their 4-0 streak against the Bruins, and make their battles with the Canadiens something to remember once again.  They think they have the horses to make a go of it now, at last.  Meanwhile, under the noses of the Original Six trio, a new power has emerged in the division, as Ryan Miller and the Sabres look to challenge for an Eastern Conference title, and maybe more. Read the rest of this entry »

Prediction Time: North East, Pt, 2

October 6, 2011

Turning Over A New Leaf?

At one point, this was the greatest rivalry in hockey; nay, sport.  Since the cap era though, the Leafs have been an outright mess, and the Habs have found success even when seemingly outmatched.  While one team waxed, the other waned, and the contests between the two, while still heated and always close, have become much less important.    This year though, a playoff berth could very much be on the line every single time the two clash.  The Habs crumbled towards the end of last season and lost some key pieces of their defense over the summer.  The Leafs surged in the second half of last season, posting home ice advantage numbers, and then added several quality NHL’ers to their roster over the summer.  For the first time in a long time, this rivalry could mean something again in 2012. Read the rest of this entry »