The Return of Optimus Reim

February 5, 2012

Coming into this season, James Reimer was thought to be the Leaf’s best chance at ending their post-season drought.  The fans had affectionately named him Optimus Reim, reasoning that his performance had ‘transformed’ the blue and white into a far better hockey club.  On top of that, he seems to have a natural and contagious sense of optimism about him – always smiling, and always positive.

That all changed when Brian Gionta leapt across Reimer’s crease and elbowed him in the head, causing him to suffer from whiplash-like symptoms for six-eight weeks.  The real damage though, was to Reimer’s confidence.  Having lost the reigns of the team to Jonas Gustavsson, and struggling to return to game-shape in the wake of what may or may not have been a concussion, Leaf fans began to get fed up with Reimer’s “aw gee shucks” demeanor and ability to brush aside losses. Read the rest of this entry »


Richards Rules Out Rangers, Reimer Extended

June 9, 2011

After a late season surge, and a fantastic run at the World Championship, James Reimer earned himself a three year contract extension with the Toronto Maple Leafs.  He will earn 5.4 million over the course of the deal for an annual cap hit of 1.8 million.  This is the same as the Jonathan Quick deal in Los Angeles.  The deal comes with a lot of pressure, as Reimer will be expected maintain his strong play and backstop the Maple Leafs to the playoffs for the first time since the lock-out.  The weight of Leaf Nation is now on his shoulders. Read the rest of this entry »