Trade Winds: Ryan Suter

February 4, 2012

He has probably been the most talked about potential trade commodity all year.  Fans from all over the league are salivating at the idea of adding him to their blue line.  They have convinced themselves that Nashville cannot afford to have Pekka Rinne under contract at 7 million dollars per year, and also fit their captain Shea Weber and his side-kick Ryan Suter into their budget.  On the one hand, this is a completely justified stance to take – Nashville is a budget team and they likely don’t have the cash to make those contracts work.  On the other hand, a lengthy playoff run might provide the kind of revenue necessary to make the dollars and cents add up in their favor. Read the rest of this entry »


Prediction Time: Central Division, pt. 1

September 5, 2011

The Central Division is host to the strongest group of teams in the league.  Unlike many other groups, where there is an obvious candidate to easily break free from the rest of the pack, Central is hotly contested by two of the most elite teams in the NHL.  Both the Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks have recent Cup wins to their name.  The competition does not end there though.  Right behind the two top dogs are the ever-resilient and ever-surprizing Nashville Predators.  It doesn’t seem to matter how little money or how little talent the Preds can assemble, they always seem to manage to milk a fantastic season out of blue collar grinders and a dependable goalie.  Of course, Shea Weber helps, but his superstardom was not always something that coach Trotz could depend on. Read the rest of this entry »

Offseason Game Plan: Buffalo Sabres

May 28, 2011

Jason Pominville and Derek Roy - Buffalo Sabres v Ottawa Senators



           Talk about turning over a new leaf.  The Buffalo Sabres are poised to become huge players in the free agent market and could be one of the most active teams in the league over the course of this summer.  Why?  Well, money changes everything, and Terry Pegula has boat loads of it. He is a serious fan who is serious about using his wealth to make Buffalo a premier hockey destination.  His letter to the fans currently posted on the Sabres official page pretty much says it all.  We’ve already seen glimpses of Pegula’s influence at the trade deadline and afterward.  In previous seasons, the Sabres have used picks to acquire expiring deals for players like Dominic Moore and Raffi Torres (hoping these players could put them into the post season).  Last year, they even had to dump Clarke MacArthur just to make such an acquisition financially feasible.  This year they went out and got Brad Boyes who is still under contract for another year at 4 million dollars.  The players responded, and went on a ridiculous tear for the final quarter of the season, even without their number one center Derek Roy.  Everything is coming up roses for the Sabres. Read the rest of this entry »